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    3700x and Asus Rog Strix X570E CPU always seems boosted?+

    I have the Asus Rog Strix x570e motherboard with the 3700x (stock Wraith Prism cooler), 16GB Corsiar Vengence RGB Pro DDR4-3000, an Intel and HP M.2 SSD, and a Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC graphics card. All running by a Corsair RM750i PSU. Running Windows 10 Pro.

    When I start up the computer and it's at idle on the desktop, running either the Ryzen Master program, CAM software, or CPU ID - it shows my clock speeds are at 4200-4400. I haven't boosted anything in the BIOS or Ryzen Master, everything is default setting. The Windows Power Plan is set to AMD Balanced. I've downloaded all the latest BIOS, Chipset, etc. drivers. Basically everything is current, vanilla stock, no mods.

    Why is the CPU running at what seems to be the boost speed, even at idle (CPU indicator shows < 10% load). If I change the Power Plan setting to 99% for the Maximum Processor State, immediately the CPU speed drops back down to ~3600 mhz and the temps drop to the mid 40s Celsius (from the low 50s).

    What's going on here?
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    also have a X570 strix-E but with a 3900X and it's doing the exact same thing, slapped a power meter in the power outlet as i noticed my psu fan running wile idling on the desktop (i had just stopped playing a game so i guess it was still cooling itself) it's drawing a cool 125w sitting on the desktop. now i've got a rgb keyboard/mouse and 4 rgb fans in my case...and i guess the amd boxed fan is rgb but...what?!?!?!?!

    i've also seen the linus gang using a asus board with a 3900x and it sitting at 0.3v, even with corsair icue off my cpu sits at 1.39-1.45v (even when i had a bare fresh windows it never dropped below 1.1v).

    i've done multiple battles with the bios but cannot figure out how to get it to behave, disabling core boost caps it to a permanent 1.1-1.18v and 3.8ghz max which isn't ideal but about as much as i've achieved, running latest bios/chipset driver but made 0 difference with the old stuff as far as i can tell (maybe better boost, don't really know/care not running in to problems just high idle power draw/temps/voltage.

    set ryzen master to exclude voltage control (no real difference) also find the 1.45v in the bios ...troubling, why would it need to boost in bios? it fits in the L3 cache twice i cannot immagine any operation in it requiring or benefitting from the cpu going full blast

    at the same time if i run asus 5 way optimization it starts at 4.0 all core (instead of 3.8) and it does it at 1.1v so...whats up with that 1.45v for 3800 now amd said that up to 1.5v is not a problem for zen 2 but....isn't it when it's 24/7 seemingly without reason?
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