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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamino View Post
    yes f9 is dram related
    just checking if it actually boots with the right dram voltage, set both dram vboot voltage (under digi vrm) and dram voltage to whatever is needed / used.
    When are you going to take the issue with some CPUs not boosting to max clocks ever more seriously? The same CPU can be put into a competition mobo with ABB bios and boost properly, but not in the Crosshair VI. I appreciate you communicating with the community but actions speak louder than words and outright blaming AGESA isn't cutting it, otherwise, the issue would persist on ALL mobos and it is getting tiring repeating myself. It is affecting many other users across reddit, these forums and too.

    My 3600 hits 4.1Ghz max with the C6H when gaming it goes to 4075MHz and lower depending on temps. Yet in 2 separate brand boards with ABB it goes to 4.2Ghz max and around 4.2Ghz to 4150Mhz in games. So I am loosing 100mhz somewhere. Also, PBO and autoOC doesn't work and makes performance worse. Yet the same tests done on the other mobos gave me 4.3Ghz spikes and 4225Mhz - 4.2Ghz in games.

    Alternatively, on my C6H I can run a BCLK overclock with the default profile enabled in Ryzen master to allow stock boosting and voltage works perfectly. I can basically run it above MAX boost this way 100% stable. I just don't see why we have to use BCLK to get round UEFI issues. I'm considering buying a different brand mobo and leaving ASUS for the first time since 2003. But... With that said I am willing to help you resolve the issue and test any bios. I just want the correct performance. 4.2Ghz isn't breaking Zen2 limits and the BCLK overclock with boost proves it is capable with the C6H and the other boards prove it works properly without BCLK on the current ABB AGESA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard_Dower View Post
    Can I bet that 7302 is a pre ryzen 3000 bios ?
    no, it is the first version of test bios posted by Shamino for c6h.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryo_z View Post
    no, the issue is still occur even i manually set the correct dram and dram boot voltage.

    fyi, this issue also present in bios 7403/7401, but not on version 7302.
    Same here!

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    This fixed the fan bug totally for me and my C7H Wifi. Thanks for this bios with the fix, I was a day away from buying a new motherboard to get away from this issue despite loving my C7H so much.

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    The newest 7302 bios has this same issue. So far at random times either my PWM CPU fans or the AIO pump stop working, and my cpu temps rise to 95-105 and cpu freq drops to 500mhz. Gonna have to downgrade to this beta bios, but have to say im not really happy with my C7H purchase...

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    This beta BIOS apparently solved my C6H fan problem. Thank you!

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    UEFI 2703 & 0002 with SMU FW 46.34.00 for C7H & C7HWIFI in this post.
    Intel Defector AMD Rebel

    TR 1950X - Custom WC - Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha - G.Skill Trident Z 3400MHz C14 QC - RX VEGA 64
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    24/7 OC: i5 4690K @ 4.9GHz CPU@1.255v 4.4GHz Cache@1.10v - Archon SB-E X2 - Asus Maximus VII Ranger
    Sapphire Fury X (1145/545 ~17.7K GS 3DM FS)

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    I had this glitch (finally) happen on Sunday with bios 2703 while I was packaging applications for deployment. The CPU cooler went down to 0RPM, then a couple of minutes later it's the case fans that started acting, like they were going down then ramping up almost immediately. The computer was back from sleep state when it happened, it didn't happen again for the couple of hours it was running it to package stuff after I rebooted. I couldn't test Sunday, but I'll try with 0002 during the week, I need to do CPU intensive work at some point before Friday.

    Edit: The case fans ramping up is because they're connected to the fan hub of the case, and, apparently, when the motherboard lowers the PWM to 0RPM, or below a certain threshold, the hub ramps up the fans to full speed instead.
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    Can anyone reupload the C6H non wifi ones please. The dropbox links don't work any more

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    randydvd PC Specs
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikev190 View Post
    Can anyone reupload the C6H non wifi ones please. The dropbox links don't work any more
    Yeah same for me, the file exceeded dropbox's download limit.

    Too many requests
    Sorry, this link has been automatically turned off for now. Learn more about traffic limits.

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