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    Zephyrus M USB fast charge port malfunctioning

    Hello guys.

    I own a Zephyrus M Laptop, I noticed a problem a few months ago in the USB fast charge port (the one with the lightning symbol on it), all of my flash drives and external disks works perfectly, the problem is when I plug in a peripheral that requires energy like a keyboard, mouse, keypad and even a phone, windows shows up a not recognized device message, I've tried every possible solution that I found in forums but nothing seems to work, the weird thing is that when I plug in my phone it charges but windows shows the same message, if I restart the laptop with the phone plugged in then windows do recognize the device and even the fast charging app start to work, but if I unplug and then plug it in again the same problem and message appears.

    I think that not having fast charge is not a problem but not being able to use that port with a mouse or even a keyboard is killing me!!

    Does anyone have experienced this?, is it maybe a power issue or maybe software related?.

    P.D. all of the other USB ports are working normally.

    I appreciate any advice, thank you!

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