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    V/F Editor (Turbo Boost 3)

    Hi Everyone,

    I have both the z490 apex and the x299 encore.

    I noticed that on z490, not only can you adjust the core via 'PER CORE USAGE' ie TURBO, but you can also edit the V/F points up to 5.3Ghz.
    This is helpful because its allowed me to OC my 10900K 5.1 on all 10 cores, but also still hit 5.3Ghz on 4 cores and 5.2Ghz on 6 cores. All while maintain voltages at a very safe level.

    Anywho, I noticed that the encore has the 'PER Core USAGE', but not the V/F editor. Is it possible to implement this.

    also PER core/per core voltage seems to be static. I'd like to replicate the turbo behavior.

    Right now, by CPU can maintain 4.6Ghz @ 1.14v on manual. Trying to fiddle with a negative offset instead, causes instability, since it requires a ton of negative offset, to get to 1.14vid.


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