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    ROG Centurion mic.. How do I get a replacement??

    Hi, Im so stuck and getting really frustrated with trying to use the warranty rights on my centurion headset. I'm sure that others have been able to sort this out but contacting ASUS support feels like banging my head against a brick wall.

    After doing research into the terrible mic on this headset, it appears that my model is an early one and the mic is just useless. As you can imagine, this is not what you would expect from a headset that costs over £200.

    This was a gift and it was bought from Amazon, from an account that I don't have access to so Amazon wont let me return it.

    The ASUS support keep sending me a template email saying that they cant exchange it for me even though I send them serial numbers of the product, explain the Amazon situation and quote that in the warranty is says that I CAN contact ASUS and ask for a "RMA" (Return material authorisation).

    I would be so grateful if anyone can offer me advice on how to get this sorted or share their experience on claiming the warranty on a ROG product.
    If it was a £20 headset, Id probably just leave it but its not!

    Thanks in advance

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