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    Still looking at this problem, here is my post quoted from the G.skill forums - No surprise I didn't get any responses:

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help, I have the hardware in the topic and I am really struggling to get the kit to boot with xmp enabled.

    I can get the system to boot using memory training but it will always leave out slot b1. If I disable training it will halt on code bd

    Without xmp the system boots fine with all 32gigs.

    I've tried booting the pc with just one dim in slot b1 but get code bd.

    I've tried each stick individually in slot a1 and they are all fine, the kit also works great in quad channel providing it's not at xmp speeds.

    Ive tried the sticks in every order I can think of, I've tried a different cpu (5930k and 1680v3), ive tried system agent voltage, vccio voltage.

    What is odd is the system booted fine and ran very well with xmp enabled for one evening when I rebuilt the system a while ago but the next morning after shut down I encountered the bd code and always from slot b1.

    I've tried a couple of bus vertions including the release and the most recent two. The release bios initially worked! But the a couple of reboots later the problem returned.

    I went as far as to try a different motherboard (a rampage v extreme) and the system boots fine without issue.

    My problem is clearly with the Edition 10 but what?!

    the board clearly isnt broken because it does work, it just doesnt like xmp any more?

    Any help will be really appreciated! Thanks

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