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    Rampage V edition 10 no post but R5E does!? 3200cl14 quad channel

    Hey all,

    So I have a R 5 Edition 10 and a 1680v3. I am trying to get my quad channel kit of gskill 3200 cl14 to post at xmp.

    With bios at optimised defaults and nothing but xmp changed I am getting q code bd loops until q code cc appears. 2666 posts however.

    The main twist to the story is, if I plug everything I to my spare R 5 Extreme it posts instantly at xmp.

    Now call me stupid but surely as the R 5 E 10 is far newer you would think the memory algorithms are more up to date?

    I've taken note of ALL the voltages the R 5 E has applied and will try to input them into the E 10 when I get time in the hope this may sort it.

    R 5 E is at 3902 bios. E 10 is at latest bios released recently.

    Only other think I can think of is to try a much older bios on the E 10?

    Can anyone think of anything else?


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