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    Insane static buzzing from asus 2080ti strix Advanced


    So i just picked up my replacement asus 2080ti Strix advanced after RMA:ing the first one due to it ignoring fan curves and heating up ridiculously easy even with demanding settings lowered significantly.
    This new card is already preforming better temperature wise however it is making this insanely annoying ear-destroying statiz buzz noise and Fan curves did not reduce or remove the buzz.

    I fired up D2 and adjusted the settings to where i was satisfied (Im playing on a 1440p 165hz screen) and when floating in space the buzz was very clear, when moving the camera around it sounded like a police siren but with buzzing sound.
    I then fired up MORDHAU which is a pretty demanding game and the Buzz was still there, it was slightly lesser but definitely there and the temps were still fine, running at around 60 Degrees with pretty much everything at ultra with some things turned to low or off like bloom or light shafts etc.

    Here's a link to a sound file i recorded when running in circles at max settings in World of Warcraft, the buzz was pretty much the same in MORDHAU and Destiny 2.

    Has anyone else experienced this insane static buzz when playing? I also tested Rust and while there wasn't as much buzz i did hear more what sounded to be like coil whine. Did you guys who've had this issue RMA and get a new one or did they decline your RMA?

    I'm really disappointed because i waited 3 weeks to get a replacement card and while it does keep temps low the sound it makes just makes me wanna break something.

    I noticed something strange: I fired up World of Warcraft and ramped up all settings to maximum at which point the insane buzz appeared but then i turned every setting to the lowest possible and BAM the buzzing is gone, what could possibly be causing this? The first card did not have this buzz no matter if i ran at potato or max settings.

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    I had a Zotac GPU a few years ago that made a similar sound. The fan hood was very flimsy and the fan blades would ever so slightly hit it. The sound was very similar.

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