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    Anyone have 128GB working on the R6EO?

    After many hours of tweaking every related setting to include the most likely ones (DRAM voltage/VCCIO/SA/increased current capability) I can not get 128GB of G.Skill F4-3600C17-16GTZKW working reliably. It fails memtest on the most basic of tests and hard locks almost instantly on the Prime 95 large FFTs test. I've tested all the way down to 2133 at 20-22-22-42 without success.

    At this point I'm thinking either a (very) crappy memory controller on my 9980XE, or a BIOS incompatibility issue with my modules. Running the latest 0702 BIOS, but I also tested what was in my BIOS 2 bank, which was really old (like 0204 or something). I have a custom loop that includes cooling the memory, so heat likely isn't an issue.

    I'm leaning toward a BIOS problem because the memtest/P95 results are pretty much the same at any settings between 2133-3200, meaning that they don't last any longer at more conservative settings. It won't POST above 3200 which is understandable for 128GB and certainly not my concern at the moment.

    I left out a lot of details on everything I've tested just to keep this shorter, so please feel free to suggest anything.

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