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    Angry Rapid battery degradation

    Hello everyone, first post on these forums. Hoping to get some feedback from others regarding battery life on their ASUS gaming laptop

    I thought we had advanced in battery technology to the point where it didn't matter anymore weather you left the device plugged in all time. Apparently I am wrong...I **** you not, for the first two weeks I had the laptop, i just left it plugged in %90 of the time. Then i go to play crysis (on ultra settings, of course) and it estimated my battery time left from %100 was a whopping FIFTY-FOUR MINUTES...?! I coulda sworn the day of purchase, that time was more like 1hr & 40 minutes. This is the first gaming laptop i've ever owned, and i wasn't foolish enough to think I'd be getting much more than 2 hours of gaming time on a full battery charge...but as for low cpu/gpu load programs i expected AT LEAST 3-4 hts....nope.

    I stopped leaving it plugged in all the time, but somehow its telling me that total battery time just for reading emails or writing a txt document with brightness turned way down is hovering just over ONE HOUR. Is my battery defective? This seems absolutely insane/unacceptable for a laptop thats advertised as having ~5 hrs battery time

    PS- the quoted times are on a system with bloatware removed and nothing running in the background that absolutely didnt need to be

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