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    A couple of small issue's with my R4E setup

    Ok I have had my nice new setup for a couple of weeks now.

    And I have played around with it a bit, but I seem to be having a few issue's with it.

    Basicly I can get it running 4.5, 4.7, 4.75 or even 4.8ghz with no probs.

    It will post, boot in to windows and run fine.

    I can usually get Intel Burn test to complete on 10 pass's using 12 threads, although temps do hit 84° on the higher clock speeds.

    However in normal use the temps don't go above 70°c

    The issue's I have are:

    1) with any of the above settings, the system is stable, for around 48 hours and then it will just hang, no warning, no bsod just lockup and stay like that (left it on over night the other day, got up and found it had been frozen for around 6.5 hours).

    If I reboot it can be find for another 48 hours or so, and then do the same again, doesn't seem to matter if it's 4.5ghz or 4.8ghz it still does it.

    2) My ssd is a vertex 3 120gb, but in device manager it shows up as a scsi drive (as do all my drives both hdd and optical, be it sata 2 or 3), unless I use the asmedia ports.

    3) If I enable the asmedia ports, the system seems to "freeze" for upto a couple of mins, whenever the hdd is being used (windows updates, installing an application, etc etc) and then carries on as if nothing happened (so doesn't crash or bsod either).

    Other than that, it all seems good, but for the time being I have had to leave it on the stock 3.2ghz / 3.8ghz turbo just to make sure it is 100% stable even as standard.

    So I am wondering, does anyone know how to fix the above issue's I am having ?

    My system spec is:

    Asus R4E mobo (1201 bios, also tried 1103 and 1101)
    Intel core i7 3930k cpu (max of 1.37v in bios and 1.41v max in cpu-z)
    16gb Corsair Vencence 1600mhz ram (not over clocked this except with 4750mhz due to 125 blck taking it to 1666mhz), using xmp profile to keep safe voltage.
    Ocz Vertex 3 120gb sata 3 ssd (windows drive)
    Hitachi 3tb sata 3 7200rpm hdd (storage)
    2x sata 2 optical drives
    Gigabyte SOC GTX 560ti
    Corsair H100 watercooler with 4 fans in push / pull config
    Corsair Obsidian 800D case
    Corsair HX850w psu
    Asus ROG Rampage IV Extreme X79
    Intel Core i7 3930K Sandy Bridge-E
    Corsair Vengance 1600 DDR3 16GB (4x4GB)
    Gigabyte Nvidia SOC 560Ti
    Corsair HX850
    Corsair H100 Cooler, with 2x Noctua NF-S12B fans added for push / pull
    OCZ Vertex 3 120gb Sata 6GB's SSD
    Hitachi 3TB Sata 6GB's HDD
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
    Corsair Obsidian 800D Case

    Currently IBT stable @ 4700mhz , 1.365v

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