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    BIOS Update Bricked My GL502VMK

    As the title says, all I have right now is a black screen that doesn’t even load to bios.*

    GL502VMK was running on bios version 302 because the one after that did not allow boot from m.2 so I kept it at 302.

    Of course they pushed the 308 bios update to my laptop and now It won’t even get to bios. *

    Edit: Figured out how to get to splash screen and that was by formatting a usb stick to fat, downloaded a the 302 bios, renamed it a few times to “GL502VMK.bin” & .rom and “GL502VMK.bin” & .rom and put the GL502VMK-AS.302 in there as well.*
    Now I’ve been looking at a splash screen for a few min

    Update 2: *was stuck on splash for a while, figured I’d download the 308 file it updated to, to see if it would push through to EZ Flash... narrowed the file name down to GL502VMK.bin so I renamed the 308 file to that and left the normal name for the 302 file and it pushed to EZ Flashed
    Then i flashed the 302 onto the board and now it’s working... allll this because of a pushed update.*
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