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    Angry Asus Rog Rampage Extreme Omega 3 Months with a 700Euro Premium Mainboard

    Hello there,

    i bougth an Asus ROG Rampage Extreme Omega by advice from a Friend.
    I use it in Conjuction with an I9 7980XE and a 128 GB Memory from Corsair and 2 1080's in SLI
    The Good:
    • Low VRM Tempratures
    • OLED Screen that shows CPU Temprature
    • 10 Gigabit NIC
    • Rog Dimm for SSD's

    The Bad:
    • One PWM Connector is allready defect and runns on 100% all the Time Fan was Replaced 2 Times because it dies after 2 Weeks of running 100%
    • on Cold boot you have to Reset the PC 2 or 3 Times before you are able to boot because it Stucks on Detect Memory willst every Option for Memory Training is dissabled

    The Ugly:

    Drivers from the Website don't Work especially for the Audio card if you Download the latest Realtekdrivers from the Site (witch are already Outdated) you get a Message that the System isn't Supported wich is mildy irritating

    The Drivers from the USB are the Worst possible you can't even install them on Windows because SmartScreen throws an error that they are not signed

    Never got Bluetooth an Wifi to Work

    Sonic Studio for the Audio settings Can't be installed for the same Reason as the Audio Driver

    Aurora Sync suddenly stopped working after the latest Bios Update

    The 10 Gbit Network Card sometimes just flat out wont be recognized till you reboot

    Opend like 5 or 6 Tickets with the Support for the above issues and never got a Response after now 4 Weeks.

    That ASUS now Relased the Encore just a few Months after the Omega came out is a huge bummer. It seems like the just throw out a refresh of the Flagship Motherboard for a lower Price with more features, willst there Omega still feels like its an Alpha state Product.

    If this issues won't be resolved in the next 1-2 Months i will RMA it via the Shop i bought it from.
    Id rather have a Mainboard with Proper support from the Manufacturer for that Price point.

    Kind Regards

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