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    Motherboardmaximus ix apex
    Memory (part number)adata xpg z1 16gb 2400mhz
    Graphics Card #1msi armour 1070
    Monitoracer xfa340
    CPU Coolernzxt kraken x62
    Casephanteks enthoo pro tg
    Power Supplyevga 750 pq platnium
    Keyboard razer black widiow v2
    Mouse razer death adder
    Mouse Pad steel series xl
    OS windows 64

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    Jan 2015

    Lower then normal FPS at target clock speeds ?

    Hey guys , I have a msi armor 1070 and I’ve noticed I’m not getting the FPS I should. It’s not terrible but when I see other games get 120fps I’ll get 80 if they get 90 I’ll get 60 and ect. I even ran performance test bench mark and my 3d score is considerably lower than his old one around the time I first got it . Thing about it is my clock speeds are we’re they should be between 1911 -1936mhz for core 2003.3 x4 for video according to Gpu-z. I’ve just upgraded the mother board to a Asus Maximus apex ix and have had some issues ,the *psu, and ssd and clean Installed windows. I also have an i7700k. Any ideas on the culprit here ?

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