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    Question GL704GWPS74 Laptop storage expansion help needed!!!! Customer service no help

    Hello all, new to the forums. I have had this laptop for a few months now and I've loved it. I travel often for work and it has made gaming on the go a dream. However, I need more storage! I purchased the edition that comes with the nVME M.2 SSD but has an empty standard laptop drive bay. Issue is... THERE'S NO RIBBON CABLE IN PLACE! I contacted customer service for the part number so I could stick one in and add myself a new SSD. They told me they do NOT condone modifying laptops in anyway and will not assist with making modifications to their products ... So yeah... Any help would be appreciated, I'm happy to buy whatever part may be compatible if anyone is familiar with it, unless you all think I just got a bad service rep and I should try again. (I used to work in a squad of sorts so I am comfortable with working inside of laptops and know of the dangers as well as have the tools for it)

    Thanks for any help or direction!!

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