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    New ROGer Array SDCGSB PC Specs
    SDCGSB PC Specs
    MotherboardCrosshair V Formula-Z
    Power SupplyCorsair 850W 80+ Gold
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    Crosshair V Formula-Z ROG Connect CPU OC multiplier issue

    Hoping someone can help out, exhausted troubleshooting this...
    I had over the past few months been having success overclocking an old FX6100 using ROG Connect.
    Pushing super hard I finally fried it and dropped another FX6100 in for another shot.
    When I did I found that all my OC controls seem to work but the multiplier causes windows to flash and lockup with even a small bump (16.5 to 17.5x).

    This has been a journey but I don't know what else to change/fix, The first install was not this complicated, also interestingly for some reason the boot SSD just works without issue right now, whereas the prior boot SSD needed some setting I never got my arms around and had to save into an OC Setting slot so I didn't lose it.

    During the course of troubleshooting I've:
    Blown the MOBO (good story/ugly) and replaced it (issue not resolved)
    Changed the boot SSD
    Changed the Power Supply (Gold to Bronze 80+)
    Changed the RAM
    Changed the Control PC
    Updated BIOS to 2201, Reverted to 2002, Back to 2201
    Loaded the USB updates
    Changed CPU's
    Reset CMOS, Recommended Settings, and back to basic OC settings
    Uninstalled and reinstalled ROG Connect
    Changed GPU
    Changed PCI-E slot
    Changed ROG Connect Cable
    Lots of messing with BIOS settings
    ...I'm Sure there's more

    Hoping someone has had the same issue or knows what setting needs to be corrected

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