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    Asus zephyrus s general questions.

    Hello everybody. As a premise, I have to say I am pretty novice with laptops, since i have used desktops for most of my life, and with asus/rog products in particular.
    I have a few questions regarding the asus zephyrus s that is now in my possession:
    -On top of my screen, just under the webcam there is a noticeable black strip of unused screem. It's like a panel limit. I requested an rma for this, and the new screen has this same "issue". Watching reviews online I noticed that some people have my same problem, others don't and they have the whole surface occupied. So is this normal? Is this space necessary due to the thin bezel?
    -I was thinking of swapping the internal ssd with a 1tb samsung 970 evo plus. When I do that, do the proprietary apps like armoury crate get reinstalled when automatically reinstalling windows or do I have to do it myself? if that's the case I might delay this a bit because from my experience so far these programs are quite rng in terms of stability
    -My unit suffers a bit of coil whine. It's only noticeable when the room is completely quiet and the fans are spinning at their lowest, however in situations like loading screens where the gpu is cranking up 1000+ frames, an horrible squeal comes from the laptop, it is really loud and at first it seemed like my laptop was literally screaming from pain. Is that normal?

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