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    C7HWIFI + BIOS 2703 = Double Posting

    Hi All,
    My machine's specs:
    C7HWIFI + 2703
    GSKILL RIPJAWS V 3200 16GB x4 (total 64GB)
    NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB

    Most of the BIOS/UEFI settings are OOTB. I just made the following changes:
    (a) DOCP (setting the RAM to 3200)
    (b) VCORE = Offset - 0.05
    (c) SOC = 1.1
    (d) DRAM = 1.35
    (e) PCIE = GEN3

    The strange thing is it will:
    (i) double post (after I press the power button, it will power off in like split second and post the second time successfully)
    (ii) long post (if remove power supply)

    I read one of Shamino's posts and it was mentioned that the "double post" is normal.

    Is everyone else facing this too?

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