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    i9-9900K on Maximus X Hero (Overheating / Voltage Issue)

    I can't figure this out.. it seems the Maximus X Hero is completely ignoring the stock default Intel voltages. I got a i9-9900K a bit over a month ago upgraded from a i7-8700K and it's been a bit unstable even when trying to do 4.8Ghz on all cores, which seems like it shouldn't be an issue at all.

    Decided to reset everything to completely stock "Auto Settings" with the Asus MCE turned off. Run on stock intel speeds/voltages and with memory at DDR4-2666 speeds to stay in the Intel spec.

    I noticed immediately when my desktop loaded my CPU fans ramp up to full speed and opened HWMonitor & Cpuz. They both show CPU is pulling ~1.46-1.48v and it immediately hits 100C!! What the H**L ASUS!! I can't believe for a damn minute the stock Intel spec would pull 1.48v for bone stock settings.

    Motherboard is a Maximus X Hero Wifi AC is on the latest BIOS with version 2102. I know it's a Z370 board but Asus says it's a supported CPU on this BIOS.

    What do I need to set in the BIOS to actually get this to run at the "stock" settings and have a stable CPU that runs at the proper voltages. I basically want test the CPU at stock and see if it's stable at the stock speed/voltage. If that isn't the case I'm going to RMA this with Intel! But as far as I can figure this Asus board seems to ignore the voltage settings for Turbo Boost or something??! At least a NZXT X62 should be plenty fine to cool this chip at stock or overclocked and I'm certain it doesn't need 1.45v for stock clockspeeds!

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