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    Strix x570 E audio problems when win10 u

    Hi I have a new Strix X570 E MB and everytime Win 10 does an update my sound is not found or at best its intermitten, my system slows to where it take minutes to open a program.
    I have tried to uninstall drivers and reload them but windows either locks up or I get a BSOD.
    The only way I can do anything is to force windows into repair so I can restore to a previous version.
    Last time I had to restore I tried the same date as the update and everything updated to the lastest version and I had sound.
    Windows just tried to update to the lates versions tonight and I had the same problems I had with the previous update and had to do a restore
    There has to be a problem with the sound drivers as this is the only problem that is occuring it's like there is more than 1 set of drivers installed
    Any help much appreciated it's driving me crazy spending hours trying to fix the issue it looks like its going to keep happening with every update
    regards Ginge

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