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    Strix G Series Laptops regarding Thermal Behavior (5 and 7 series)

    Hello guys, I have recently purchased Strix G731 laptop and overall I have been pretty happy with performance. One thing I am rather concerned about is CPU temps reaching mid to high 80 degrees Celsius. I am not entirely sure how Armoury Crate is handling its monitoring but as far as I can tell it is somehow linked to XTU services. I have tried undervolting with both XTU and Throttlestop with minimal success. I am unable to go any where near -100mV on both Core and Cache before BSOD creeps up. This is why I am asking other users of Strix G5 and G7 series laptops regarding their success with undervolting or lack there of. Basically, I am wondering if I need to repaste Thermals or not. CPU never "thermal" throttles, it just has bit higher temp than what I am comfortable with. Thanks for your reply in advance!

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