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    Weird power drop 2080 Ti on firestrike for 1 second.

    Hello. My card on stock,no oc. Aorus Rtx 2080 Ti Wateforce Xtreme. Today i run firestrike and looking on msi afterburner. In test for a moment,for a second ,power and clock dropped:

    Here,gpu power 58% and clock 1575mhz,but gpu load 96%:

    And bum normal again:

    Normal clock, 1980mhz:

    Any ideas? Rest pc no oc. Psu is Corsair 850 RmX,9900K on stock. Why that happened?
    GPU connected from 2 separate cables.

    I mean why gpu clock dropped,gpu power dropped,but gpu load not dropped?

    Pc is on stock,no oc. All is stable,no crashing,nothing like that i see in games. Today for split second clock and gpu power dropped in firestrike.
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