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    CH7 - Bugged Chassis Fan Control


    apparently there's something wrong with the fan controller. Might be a crashing south bridge, but as it currently stands, the chassis fans sometimes either
    - completely stop
    - or are getting stuck at their lowest fan speed,
    completely at random. Heavy load, like games, seem to speed up the issue.

    The fans are bound to the T_1 sensor on the board, which is the water temperature sensor.

    I have uninstalled AI Suite completely, to minimize potential issues, and the software being somewhat questionable.
    HWInfo is running in the background, but since this only reads data, it clearly shouldn't be an issue. I'm running BIOS 2703.

    Why bringing this up?

    Because all of my radiator fans (3x and 2x 120mm respectively) are connected to the chassis fan connectors.
    The fans stop.
    I am unaware of the bug.
    At some point stuff thermal throttles... I reboot, and then the custom water loop I have -- had - blows up.
    Literally blows up.
    Pressure built up in the loop, the hot water deformed the PETG tubes, and water goes everywhere.

    Real nice!
    Any known issues in that area, ideas how to fix it without a new BIOS update?

    One more thing: it would be real nice to bind fans other than the chassis fans to different sensors. I'd like to be able to use the CPU fan header, but link it to the water temperature. Same goes for the water pump speed.

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