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    Asus ROG Claymore keyboard "raisers"


    I got the Asus Claymore keyboard, and loved it. Now, when moving, I managed to break the 2 small plastic "raisers", which you flip up to raise the keyboard. I called several PC compontent shops, also the one I bought it from, to buy new ones. Every shop told me no-one has them, that I has to contact Asus customer service to get them. So I did, and now the Asus customer service tells me that I cant get these clips/raisers, that they dont have them... Say what? The keyboard is very good, love it, but it is simply unusable without these clips. It flips from side to side, and is really uncomfortable without these clips.

    I tried to look for these clips on European online-sites, and no luck. Is it really a fact, that a 250 euro keyboard gets useless if two small plastic clips break??? Is it a fact, that I cant get these clips as spare parts from anywhere??? Been a big fan of Asus for decades, pretty much every component I use is Asus, and now this...

    I live in Finland, and the Asus site prompts me to the finnish site, so I cant contact any larger center in Europe. But must say...this suck.

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