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    Strix-X570-F thinks my Bios is up to date

    GPU:Asus 5700x
    OS: Windows10 pro

    My Strix-X570-F seems to think that my Bios (ver. 7010) is up to date.
    When I built this PC I updated the Bios using the USB Flashback button and it worked great.
    This time the flashing light turned solid immediatly so I resorted to the normal method within the Bios, but the MB told me I was up to date even though there are 2 newer versions...
    Version 1005 --- 2019/08/12
    Version 1201 --- 2019/09/12
    found here...

    Should I be worried?
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    Don't be into much of a hurry

    Don't be in too much a hurry on the 1201...It seems to have blown up my board, and I can't seem to get flashback to work.

    Get a Beep, Get a Post screen "Hit F2 or DEL...blah blah" But it never starts loading the OS and no matter how much I hammer the keys I can't get the BIOS config to load. Shorting the CMOS clear, does nothing, Flash back blinks 3 times, I see the light on the USB blink a couple times...then the light is out...nothing...

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