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    Unhappy X99-Deluxe: impossible to run XMP profile after bios flash

    4x4GB G-SKILL Ripjaws4 DDR4-3000 CL15

    So yeah. This isn't the most brand spanking new thing I'm having a problem with today. More like my 5 year old system that's causing headaches.

    I decided to flash the bios to the latest version yesterday (mostly 'cause I hadn't done it in a while... ahem... an eternity), and because I figured it might actually solve one or the other stability issues I have been facing every now and then.

    So I upgraded from bios v1801 to v4001 (yes, there were a few years and iteration in-between).

    Interestingly, I was able to get pretty much all my overclocking settings as I previously had... but... IMPOSSIBLE to run the DDR4 at its rated speed.

    It would either go straight to code B7, or just cycle to bd a few times and end up giving up in CC (mobo status codes).

    The highest frequency I was able to boot at was 2400. No matter what strap, bclk and divider I chose.

    I started to think the ram might just have unseated itself, or got damaged in the bios flash... But then I flashed back to bios 1801, re-applied my profile and bam, XMP loads, 15-15-15-35 1T @ 3200 boots and loads without a glitch.

    After that I tried v4101 again, triple-checking I was running the exact same settings... but again, same crapping out above 2400 MHz.

    Is there a rational explanation as to why the new bios(es) won't allow the ram to work properly (anymore)? I'm staying on my (vulnerable) v1801 until further notice I suppose. Can't live with having a water-chilled top-of-the-line (2015 edition) PC with gimped DDR4.

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