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    Maximus XI Formula - On-board M.2 Temp Sensors

    I am hoping to determine whether or not this board has a temp sensor for both of the M.2 slots that are right next to each other. I'm using AIDA64 to monitor all of the sensors, but it seems to only give me temperature of 1 of the M.2 devices installed, but not the other. I currently have a PCIe 2TB NVMe drive, as well as a SATA3 M.2 drive, but the monitoring software is only reporting temperature of the SATA drive, not the NVMe drive, which is really the one I'm concerned about heat-wise. So, I'm hoping that some expert here can tell me about the temperature sensors for these two m.2 slots. Thanks

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    No, the motherboard does not have a temp sensor for the M.2 slots. You could DIY by connecting a thermistor to T_SENSOR, W_IN, or W_OUT if any of those headers are free. Or, contact AIDA64 developers to see if they can support your NVMe drive, assuming it can report temperature.

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