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    Transfer ASUS recovery partition?

    Hello Everyone,
    The last months of life out of my first ASUS, a G74SX may be coming upon me. Since I picked it up in 2011 it has been with me on two combat deployments, traveled to over 15 countries and probably just as many states. It has been nothing short of a beast, while it is more than showing its age at this point. The optical drive crapped out about three years ago, last year I had to replace the battery, none of the 3.0 USB ports work as they should and barely half of the USB ports in total even seem to want to connect. I have added a second drive, plus doubled the RAM for funsies. However the primary HDD is starting to go, I can randomly hear it whirring and clicking away and I have had to completely restore it twice to factory on this current deployment from unknown issues. How can I transfer the recovery partition to a thumb drive? My plan is to force this laptop to the finish line (roughly another year or more if possible) and put in a new primary HDD, however I do not want to lose the recovery partition as it definitely has its uses. Can anyone provide me some simply guidance as to how to do this?

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