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    Exclamation Asus... You have killed my periferals. Warning

    I recently bought a Crosshair Hero VIII and decided on a fresh install of windows. I was surprised when on first boot it asked me if I wanted to install ARMOURY CRATE. I should have been concerned that ASUS are using the security features of modern systems to install beta software which can seriously affect your system. but I had no clue.

    Upon installing it recognised some of my rog peripherals. and said it needed to install updates. after another reboot it worked fine.

    two days later it asked for another updare. I proceded and became entrenched in this never ending cycle of the system downloading the updates, asking for a reboot but never being unable to install them.

    meaning i had no access to my peripherals settings.

    No problem I thought. I'll simply install Armoury II and access the settings that way. however now when I run Armoury, though it can still see rog devices that were not seen by armoury crate (purigo mouse for instance) trying to change setting on my flare keyboard brings up a message that this device now is only supported by ARMOURY CRATE

    which dosent work.

    meaning its basically bricked.

    there was no warning that the updates would affect the firmware on the devices and prevent armoury from working.
    no warnig when the system asked about installing armoury crate that it was beta software and may cause these sorts of problems.

    and no help at all from ASUS.

    not to mention the virus like nature of your software. so many ASUS services get installed that don't get removed on uninstall. you force stuff on us like Nahimic not giving us the option to chose.

    Gamers like there systems TRIM with minimal resources being used by unnecessary services and systems.

    ROG is supposed to be 'For the Gamers'

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