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    x570 Crosshair Hero VIII (WiFi) and Corsair MP600 SSD (Gen4) Performance Issues

    I don't know if this is related to the motherboard, or if it's isolated to the SSD, so I'm asking for some more info from others who own this board. According to this thread on the corsair forums, there seems to be a disproportionate number of Crosshair Hero VIII motherboards with a similar problem.

    I have a Crosshair Hero VIII (Wifi) and Corsair MP600 SSD (Gen4) which is severely under-performing.

    When I built the system, I ran Crystal Disk Mark 6.0.2 on the SSD, and everything was within spec:
    Seq Q32T1 Read/Write: 4997.3/4281.3
    Rnd 4k Q8T8 Read/Write:1876.1/1831.8
    Rnd 4k Q32T1 Read/Write: 587.9/410.6
    Rnd 4k Q1T1 Read/Write: 59.05/195.7

    These speeds are within the margins of the SSD
    But now, i'm getting much lower speeds on Random 4k Writes. Literally half the speed:

    Seq Q32T1 Read/Write: 4929.8/4257.5
    Rnd 4k Q8T8 Read/Write: 1875.0/951.7
    Rnd 4k Q32T1 Read/Write: 605.7/288.1
    Rnd 4k Q1T1 Read/Write: 58.11/189.2

    Once in a blue moon I'll get a proper result, but if I run it again a minute, or an hour later, I get the same under-performance 99% of the time. I currently have the drive installed in the 2nd m.2 slot (Chipset) but others with it in the primary slot have experienced the same issues.

    I'm wondering if it may be a thermal throttling issue, but according to hwinfo the SSD never goes above 55C which is still well below the 70C limit.

    I have set the m.2slot, AND chipset pci bus specifically to PCIe Gen4 in the bios.
    If you have experienced this, or have any helpful info to provide I would appreciate it!

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