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    ROG z370 HERO Started smoking after RAM swap!


    I changed the ram from a 8gb kit to a 16gb kit with higher frequency, i fought the damn memory training for 30-40 minutes but no luck. I cleared cmos everything. The only thing that worked and got me to the BIOS was the LN2 mode. Then it worked fine, changed it back, got the XMP set, and tried to re-set my overclock on the 8600k.

    I had everything dialed in, and i decided to set the boot voltages and start to watch a movie. So i hit F10 and yes.

    NOW the postcode blinked once, set itself to "00", the lights started being wonky, like there was a power surge inside the computer, same with the fans, and then i saw it, SMOKE coming from behind the GPU near the SATA ports (don't know exactly where from) and i panicked and screamed like a girl, ripped the power cord (or so i thought, it was the DP cable!!), and then panicked some more, and ripped the cord for real. Ripped the GPU out, didn't smell anything weird or smoky (even when the smoke appeared). Cleared CMOS by removing the battery and thought to myself "who am i kidding, this is never gonna work".

    But hey, it started. I set the overclock again, this time without the boot voltages (though i had them set the last time before the RAM swap). Everything seems fine, i am using the computer right now.

    I am going to disassemble the computer some time this weekend to take a look, but this is so strange, i cant believe my luck/unluck. How can the motherboard let something like this happen? if it was something with my settings (it was all safe voltages under 1.0v), the motherboard should power off not puke smoke :/

    My question is now, what is the usual safe "initial boot voltages" for those settings that doesn't have a "standard or recommended" suggestion in the bios. that is the only thing i can imagine has gone wrong, i set something that felt safe to me, but was crazy unsafe.


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