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    broke armory crate again in a new way (wont recognize board)

    Hi, so before i install windows for the 3rd time to get the mobo rgb control working again i'll ask maybe somebody knows how to get it working again.

    so what happend was i installed a EK d-rgb cpu block and a regular rgb gpu block and wanted them to be in sync (the cpu block only half worked right which does seem to be a software issue -,-" but i'll be back later for that one if it returns) but wile tinkering with the aura section of armory crate trying to pick an effect in which the janky working cpu led's would be less noticeable/annoying at which point the the armory crate app froze and then said there was some xml issue and i needed to restart my pc, 3 restarts later i made the huge mistake of resetting the app through windows hoping that would make things better not arguably worse.

    now i can once again download software for my board (it does seem to know what it is) but when i go to the aura section it tells me my model is not supported (it sure as hell was before armory crate broke itself).

    i tried a system restore to a week before i broke armory crate but that didn't resolve it, tried uninstalling it and then installing aura's standalone program but that didn't work, so i removed as much of that as i could. and then installed armory crate again which thankfully seems about as broken as it was before.

    here i was thinking getting in to these rgb shenanigans getting the 3 different programs to line up (icue/chroma/aura) would be the biggest wrong i was.

    the board in question is a X570 Strix-E

    the only success i've had batteling armory crate/aura is formatting windows and starting fresh it all install's itself upon a windows install and it seems to work...usually...untill you break it at which install???

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