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    Question Zephrus M colours

    Hi guys,

    I have had my Zephrus M for a while and the colors of my screen have begun to annoy me, I have begun to play war thunder on my laptop and a number of maps are in a desert, so I'm noticing the colours are way off in the yellow range and its anoying me so no end.

    ill attach a picture to show what I mean, my monitor on my desktop shows the colors much better then the laptop screen dose and I was wondering if anyone had ayn colour profiles they have found or and advice to get the colours to be a bit more true. i have attached a picture of my laptop next to my phone on the same scene,

    im curently in hong kong and for 1 reason or another i cant upload so here is a one drive link to the picture if you can click links!Av0uvXxPEQashKRjryjtAzWjX6QtKA

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