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    New FX505DD problems

    A little over a month ago i purchased a FX505DD and it was working all good un till a few days later i noticed a couple issues, after an hours use be it gaming or just browsing the internet under no stress the laptop would start having moments of stuttering, example is if i moved my mouse from left to right it would move then stop then move really fast to the edge of the screen or if i was typing i would type words that wouldn't show up right away then all pop up really quickly, i noticed this the biggest when gaming as games like CSGO would be dropping from 120-150fps down to 10-20fps then back to normal every 10 seconds.

    this to me felt like what my old laptop would do when it overheated if needed to be cleaned but this is a new laptop so its not in need of cleaning and also this happens even when the laptop is under no stress, i also had instances of game crashes and on a number of occasions i had everything pixelate, i ended up sending that laptop back to Asus and they DOA'd it and sent me a new one, ive had this for 1 day now and im already having the first issue again, last night i used the laptop for a little bit then just left it idle with no programs running and when i started using it again a couple hours later i was having performance issues.

    is there anything im doing wrong with the laptop? is there anything i can do to solve this issue because i originally thought it must have just been something faulty in the original laptop but now 2 out of 2 laptops are having this problem so i dont know what to do or how to fix it.

    any help would be appreciated.

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