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    Angry Rog strix GL502VMK low FPS

    Hello, I am having problems with fps with my 1060 3gb, it turns out that a week ago bf1 is multiplayer at 60 fps on average, yesterday I just installed the new driver that appeared in the geforce experience interface, and it turns out that when installing it and everything , everything is also going to me at 60 fps, but I see and notice the details of the weapons, and several things that the textures were reduced even more by putting everything in ultra in the game, they are blurred or something, it would seem that I optimize the game ready more, and it is not to my liking, then I uninstall the driver and reinstall it without the Geforce experience, then I go to bf1 all in ultra, the graphics look great, I never saw them like this before on this laptop they look great but the fps are 20-35 now I don't know what to do I think I've been cheated with the graphics all the time, and that geforce experience always optimized it.

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