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    Question Some REALLY funky turbo boost power default values in 1902 UEFI!

    Before I re-flashed my UEFI last week I had some version from maybe 2 or 3 releases back, not sure exactly. End of 2018, maybe? I tend to not re-flash very often because I hate setting everything up all over again. :P

    Oh btw, mobo is a Strix X299-XE Gaming with an i9-7900X plugged in. Hardware config should be in my sig, IIRC.

    Anyway, with the old UEFI, I had reasonable default values listed in Intel Extreme Tuning Utility - probably Intel recommended values for my CPU, I can't remember exactly what they were, but for sure they weren't whacked all the way up to the top like they are with 1902! I dunno how strong the VRMs are on this mobo, but I doubt they can supply 1023 amps of current... :P Kind of doubt the CPU can handle that much as well without totally blowing up!

    The parameters in question are Turbo Boost Short Power Max, Turbo Boost Power Max, Turbo Boost Power Time Window and Processor Current Limit.

    So I went into UEFI, tried to set some decent values, not so high as to be absurd, but not so low as to cause power/current throttling with normal air cooling clockspeed. Anyhow, booting back into windows and starting XTU I find all of the sliders are still all bang up to the top except for the Time Window setting (which actually obeyed my change hooray), even though I supposedly set manual values for the variables I could find - not sure they're all properly exposed in ASUS' pretty crappy UEFI layout; as I recall the Processor Current Limit may be well hidden somewhere because I was unable to find it.

    So is XTU simply confused and displaying bogus information and real values are more sane, or is this UEFI version borked? IF it's borked, is it dangerously borked, or what's going on here?

    Also, what's a good value for these parameters, especially for current limit? Too much amps especially and components tend to involuntarily release their white magic smoke, melt or otherwise die horrible deaths... :P Time Window, should it be set high or low? The explanation in XTU is less than self-evident, and ASUS UEFI built-in help text...don't make me laugh! lol

    Thanks for any help!

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