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    Am I going to be wasting my time with the Dominus? All the Code 00 Issues

    Well I'm doing a new build and I have this monster of a board sitting here and I'm in the process of getting all the parts together already have the 928 and while going through and doing some research there seems to be a wide spread issue with this board and not booting and the warming up the Q Code area with a hair dryer and people wasting tons of time and getting insanely frustrated.

    So here's the thing I don't have the time or patience to play the motherboard lotto and the aggravation and frustration in dealing with the constant back and forth. The board I have starts with a K3 serial #, is there some kind of confirmation that I can get that this board falls into the "none defective batch". You'd think a $2k motherboard would be smooth sailing but alas here we are. For the money this board cost the Q Code 00 Errors it's just pathetic.

    A $90 dollar budget AMD board doesn't have these issues...

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