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    Help:Battery draining while laptop is off - GX531

    I have a very strange problem, My laptop (Zephyrus s GX531) battery is draining after I shut it down. the weirdest thing it's not always draining sometimes it stays for days or a week without any drain (if I charged it to 100% I find it still 100% without any drain) and sometimes the drain is happening ,and the drain is not constant sometimes it drains only 10% to 15% (from 100% to 90 or 85%) and sometimes I find the whole battery drained to 0% if I left the laptop off for a couple of days . I disabled fast boot option without any success. I updated the bios to version: 304 (GX531GWR). the windows build is 18362.

    the laptop specs: 16 GB of ram , Core i7 9750H , 512 SSD and Graphics card : RTX 2070 max-q

    did anyone face a problem like this at any time or with any other model? what could be the problem it is a hardware or software?
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