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    ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING Wi-Fi disconnects


    the Wi-Fi driver spams the event log with the following types of messages:

    Netwtw08: 6062 - Lso was triggered
    Netwtw08: 7003 - Roam Complete
    Netwtw08: 7021 - Connection telemetry fields and analysis usage

    On the "Lso was triggered" i experience a short disconnect from my Wi-Fi Network. I noticed this because i would get kicked out of my ssh session to a remote computer. Video streams of work fine as they buffer enough data to reconnect.
    I tried the following drivers and they all behaved the same: OEM Intel Generic Microsoft update Killer 1650

    How is your experience with the Wi-Fi on this board.
    Do you have the same entries in the event log (right click windows button -> event viewer -> windows logs -> system)?

    I have a post open in the Intel Support Forum with screenshots.


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