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    Asus Strix RTX 2080Ti Oc fan headers - WHERE ARE THEY ?

    MY Asus Strix RTX 2080ti OC edition is missing the x2 four pin fan headers, yet they are fitted to both the Matrix version and the lower end 2080 which i find totally bizaare considering the price point of £1400.
    My question is can the PCB be modified to fit two fan headers on this Strix 2080ti PBC onto the terminals on the PCB and how easy would it be to source the headers and fit them ?
    Im a long term Asus customer and have always bought Asus parts and built Asus only PCs and paid the premium for quality - this is the first time i am honestly very annoyed with asus and feel let down in honesty that they fit these to a 2080 and not my far more expensive 2080Ti.

    Its actually made me look at other brands moving forward and this will cost Asus a lot more than the price of two fan headers

    anyway is this a "Doable" mod ?
    I hope someone can get back to me - thank you - John

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