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    Asus ROG Strix laptop GL503VM SSD upgrade help?


    I'm a bit of a noob in terms of computer parts (I only started recently to play games where I need to know these things). My laptop hasn't had upgrades yet so it's still got the basic one 128gb SSD as main disk and a 1tera HHD, but with all the latest window updates and everything, the SSD is almost full.

    I have as in the title of this post, an asus rog strik laptop, model GL503VM, nvidia gtx 1060 6gb, intel i7-7700HQ, 128gb SSD with Windows Home in it. (I plan to upgrade to pro using a license bought on amazon at some point soon)

    I would like to upgrade to a 250gb (for now, it's what i can afford), but im not entirely sure of the specifics. i have someone who can help me replace the SSD and i have youtube tutorials to aid me, but I would like to know what sort of SSD brand I should get? I heard Samsung is a good mix of affordable and quality, so...

    I was looking at "Samsung Memorie MZ-V6E250BW SSD 960 EVO, 250 GB, M.2, NVMe" and i wondered if that works on my laptop, but i've also seen that a "Samsung Memorie MZ-V7S500 970 EVO Plus SSD 500gb NVMe M.2" doesn't cost that much more than the other one and it's for 500gb instead of 250, but I don't know if it's compatible with my model?

    I've poked around and saw that i need to get a nvme M.2 for sure, and both of those fit, but I'm confused about the model numbers and what exactly differs, and I worry that some might be too new to be compatible with my laptop, that is now one year old.

    Is anyone able to tell me if one or either of those SSD are good for my model, and if there's another one I could take as option instead? Thank you very much!

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