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    M.2 PCIe SMBus not clocking


    I'm using prime x299 Deluxe motherboard for my development. I wanted to validate the SMBus from M.2 PCIe slot which will be connected to a custom M.2 PCIe card having SMBus supported devices. As per the user-manual, it states that the M.2_2(SOCKET3) shares bandwidth with U.2 connector. Whereas the M.2_1(SOCKET3) is for only M.2 alone. I tried probing the 1.8v SMBus lines on the M.2_1 slot and modprobe the i2c-i801 linux kernel SMBus driver. I was unable to capture any clock or data on the SMBus lines when I issued commands on the SMBus.

    Is there any software or hardware configurations I need to carry out in order to enable the SMBus functionality on these slots?


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