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    ROG Crosshair VII Hero Wifi problems after Bios Update

    Hello guys,

    A fews days ago i updated the Bios of my ROG Crosshair VII Hero Wifi to the latest Version 2801 AGESA Combo Before that, I used an old Version from Q4/2018.

    I took pictures of my old settings to make sure I configure the new Bios exactly the same.
    I changed the following settings:

    AI Overclock Tuner: D.O.C.P. Standard
    D.O.C.P: D.O.C.P. DDR4-3200 16-18-18-36 (I'am using Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHz with these specs, can't change anything here)
    Performance Enhancer: Level 3 (OC)
    CPU Core Ratio: 41 (I'am using a Ryzen 7 2700X)
    CPU Core Voltage: Offset mode + 0.05V
    CPU fan speed: ignore (because low RPM fans on the AIO sometimes show an error messange when starting)
    ....all other settings in the Bios are on default.

    After the Bios-update I have the following issues:
    - if I switch off the PSU over night and then starting the PC next day, the mainboard is starting, shutting down after 3s, starting again and boot to windows (with the old Bios it always booted directly)
    - if I leave the PSU on, the PC starts directly
    - if I set D.O.C.P to default/auto, the system is starting directly...but the RAM only runs at 2133MHz (even if i switch off the PSU over night)
    - if I set D.O.C.P to manual, the system is not starting at all (code F9)
    - after booting to Windows, I always had Q-Code "A0" displayed, after the update the board displays Q-Code "AA" or "40" far as I know, code "40" means waking up from sleep mode, but it is also shown on coldboot sometimes

    The system is working very stable, no problems at all. I still hope you have some ideas to "fix" this problems.

    Kind Regards


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