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    ASUS refuses to take my laptop for warranty repair.

    So the story goes:
    Last summer I've bought an ASUS laptop from a local retail store in Estonia. I've used it rarely throughout the months. Early 2019 I've started having problems with the laptop. It would randomly shut itself down, regardless of what was being done at the moment, and it often happened when the laptop was moved. I'm not 100% sure if moving it is the cause, but in 90% of cases it turned off when I moved it. So I went to a local warranty service to let them have a look at it ( I have a 2 year warranty).
    The warranty service has returned the laptop sometime later, they have updated windows, bios and drivers. They didn't disassemble it. But the same problem manifested after a short while. I went to the warranty again to find out that they have closed down due to bankruptcy (huh), and I was redirected to another warranty service. This new one have told me that they cannot repair this laptop in my country, so they will send it to Lithuania instead, and that this process can take up to 6 months. At that moment my remaining warranty time was just under 6 months, unsatisfied with this option I have decided to contact ASUS online support to ask whether or not I can give the laptop to their local ASUS center in Estonia.

    ASUS told me that my laptop does not fall under their warranty policy. At first they claimed that the 2 year warranty period has expired since the date of manufacture (mid 2017). I have looked up ASUS's warranty terms online and it said that the manufacture date is only used when there is no proof of purchase. Since I've got the receipt, I contacted them again. This time I was told that I can not receive support for my laptop because the laptop was intended to be sold in the US.
    X541NA is meant to be sold in the US, and since I have purchased it in a store in Estonia only my local warranty applies. They said that I can get a refusal of service document from their service center in Estonia.

    I did not find anything related to this in ASUS warranty terms pdf that is provided online, maybe I've missed it somewhere that I am not eligible for warranty, though this still seems rather disappointing.
    Here it says that ASUS does provide warranty service when their products are purchased in these countries, and Estonia is listed there.

    So what is going on ASUS? The replies felt rather vahue.
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