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    GL703GM only ~8 months old very suddenly running extremely slowly

    Recently I booted up my laptop and some windows popup said how it had to uninstall some update to boot up. This was where my extremely fast laptop turned to garbage. Now regular browsing sometimes gets laggy and I also struggle to get 30 fps in literally any game, and im out of ideas. I have tried: Reinstalling Windows, Changing numerous power settings, Changed many Nvidia graphics settings, Uninstalled some windows updates (before reinstalling windows), Reset my BIOS settings to default, Reinstalling the slowly running programs, and I tried installing older Nvidia drivers. I have also tried moving the games from my HDD to my SSD, but that had no effect.

    Before whatever happened, I never had any problems getting over 120 fps on Fortnite at max settings, as well as got over 120 fps on Battlefield 4 on max settings with a high render scale. Also it does not appear there is any issue interally on the laptop. Now I am struggling to get 30 frames in Fortnite and only get 10 fps in BF4 with the same settings.

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