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    Asus Modern Warfare Bundle redeem issue

    It wont let me redeem this promotion with my card even though I bought a 2080 ROG strix OC which is very cleary part of this promotion. When I type all the stuff in it says the Serial number 90xxxx-xxxxx is not eligible. Tried getting ahold of asus but havent had a chance to. Does it matter where I bought the card from? Its brand new.

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    Wont say always but mostly it does depend on the vendor. Every time Ive bought a card with a promotion I got an email with the promotion from the vendor, not ASUS. A bit of crooked marketing. Then if you buy two cards with the same promotion you can only redeem one of them. I think it was Assasins creed origins that came with my 2080Tis I bought from microcenter. Within minutes of the purchase I had the emails with the redemption codes and had to jump through a bunch of flaming hoops to redeem just one as they are booth installed in the same machine. The thought did cross my mind to put one of the cards in my kids machine and try to redeem the second that way but I never did.

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