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    ASUS Strix 5700 XT - unsatisfied about product because of bad BIOS values

    Dear ASUS-employees. I recently purchased an ASUS STrix 5700 XT. The card has got a solid cooling and ASUS didn't cut corners with the PCB which I very much appreciate. Unfortunately I bought it just before Hardware Unboxed reviewed the card and I didn't know about the high power consumption of this card. I started up the benchmark from Rise of the Tomb Raider and I was shocked by the noise from the fans from my Strix. My system is silence-focused, without compromising the performance within reason : Fractal S with stock fans , D15 cooler, RM650X (PSU with 0-rpm mode and proper silent bearings), no internal hard drive. I have got a low tolerance for noise and I use a good open headphone (Sennheiser HD700) while gaming, I enjoy the gaming a lot more when I don't hear the sound from the graphics card fans over the sound from my good headphone, sound is at least as important for immersion to me as graphics.

    Here the concrete data which shows that the BIOS causes an unnecessarily high power-consumption. I loaded the BIOS-data from my ASUS Strix 5700 XT via GPU-Z onto my hard-drive and I opened it in MorePowerTool. Here the screenshots of the default values: (it seems that this forum doesn't accept .png for whatever reason)
    Maximum Voltage SoC: 1200 mV
    Power Limit GPU: 210 W
    TDC Limit GFX 200 A
    Here the BIOS-values from the Sapphire NItro:
    Maximum Voltage SoC: 1050 mV
    Power Limit GPU: 195 W
    TDC Limit GFX 171 A

    I could now link to a dozen reviews which show that these graphics cards have exactly the same performance and run equally as stable but I assume that this is known. I suspect that the TDC Limit is the biggest contributor to the high power consumption.
    I basically softmodded my Strix on Windows into a Nitro with regard to the power-settings and indeed, I got exactly the same performance but now I can't hear my fans while gaming on Windows. This is great, but I also use Linux and softmodding a graphics card on Linux is a lot more difficult because you need to hack (hexa-editing) binary-files to accomplish it. I don't want the power-consumption to be any higher than is required (environment!) and I don't want to loose any performance. For me Windows is a pain in the butt and I prefer not to reboot into Windows just to start up a game.

    My request to ASUS. Please offer an alternative BIOS on your product-page with clear instructions on how to flash it. Please just copy the values of the Nitro with regard to the power profile, it works much better. I would like to suggest that you also use a somewhat lower maximum clock-frequency for the silent profile. Find a sweetspot where the minima FPS are roughly the same and the average FPS is barely (1-2%?) lower but the power-consumption is considerably more lower. Probably somewhere around 1860-1900 MHz. It is an open secret that the 5700 XT has a memory-bandwidth bottleneck, you don't loose much performance when lowering the GPU clock frequency. This was my first time buying an ASUS-product, depending on whether or not ASUS solves this problem (the high TDC and maximum VSoC) I might or might not consider a future purchase of an ASUS-product. I don't mind mistakes, as long as those get solved. The hardware is good but it needs a better BIOS and it should be an easy fix, just changing a few numbers. Kind regards.
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