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    Ok guys I shot a video update but I am having issues with it unfortunately so here is a regular old update.

    Ok so I have been on a backup rig for over 2 months now and it has been killing me. So I now have most of the components I am planning on using in the desk build, so I threw all of them into a Bitfenix Shinobi XL case to test all of the components and make sure I am happy with the performance and everything works before I go through the trouble of mounting it up. This is just a temp build so its not my prettiest work.

    Also I managed to snag a Dell 30 inch 2560x1600 to replace my triple monitor setup. I freaking love it! I may go up to three of them but at the moment 1 is enough. Specs for the system are as follows

    Intel 2011 8320 w/ XSPC Raystorm waterblock

    MSI Big Bang II Mobo

    Gigabyte 7970 with EK Acrylic waterblock and backplate

    G-Skill 16gb 1866 ram

    Swiftech 360mm rad with gentle typhoons in a push configuration

    Swiftech 240mm rad with Noctua fans in a pull configuration

    Swiftech Pump with XSPC res.

    Koolance 3/8 ID and 5/8 OD compression fittings

    Corsair 1000w PSU

    Asus Blu Ray drive

    Crucial M4 256 SSD

    WD Green 2TB Media Drive

    Ok Guys I am ordering more parts for the build however I will not be posting much till the beginning of September as I have a huge workload to get done before I head to PAX Prime I will be going full steam ahead on the project when I get back. Thanks again for everyone following the build I will try to get the video update redone and working in the next few days though.

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