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    GT-AC5300 open port problem

    good morning.
    I have a problem with portforwarding. Asus GT-AC5300 last firmware
    I have tried everything, from the firewall to the router and windows, to reset the router, upnp disabled enabled, etc. etc. a thousand tests I am tired! every night I do tests from the modem to the router to the PC, on the phone but I don't get anything. I'm not under vpn. The Router sees the ip wan well. I don't have a double nat. The main router is set in bridge mode, and behaves like a pure modem, it has no active dhcp or anything else, while the asus 5300 is in cascade and acts as a routing, but I can't open any port of any kind. (I've never found myself in a situation like this with netgear, billion, technicolor etc ..)
    The bizarre thing is that the web port specified for remote access to the router, if enabled I can see it open. port 8443 by default. If, on the other hand, I change this door and use another, such as 10443, I can see it too. There is nothing to be done in the portforwarding section. I can't see any doors open.

    does anyone have the magic solution?
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