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    Unhappy STRIX 5700 XT - Screw + Heatsink Mounting Problem

    So i guess some of you might have heard, there are some problems with quality control regarding this card.

    I am having the same issue, which causes my card to overheat and throttle like crazy, and on some occasions generate out of VRAM errors, namely in World of Warships and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

    I refused to start unscrewing and changing screws on my own, in fear of losing warranty.

    Here is the problem explained

    One person on a hungarian forum, switched 2 sets of screws and was able to achieve good mounting pressure

    I have had a chat with support, who pointed me to the local service agency.
    I do not have another card to spare, and i would gladly fix the problem myself, and even told this in the ticket i sent to support.
    Just send me a good set of replacement screws and ill do it myself.
    I do not wish to send the card to RMA only to
    A. wait months for a reply
    B. get the card back, while they say everything is fine, when it is not

    Please advise, what the hell should i do?

    Should i just sell the card, and buy the generally claimed winner of the custom 5700 XT's, the Sapphire Nitro?

    Anyone else here having the same problem?

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